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The Club and The Grounding

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Feb. 5th, 2006 | 11:52 pm
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music: Some really weird German 'claymation' music video

I'm doing an experiment right now (from last night at Midnight 'til this coming Saturday night at Midnight), where I'm allowing myself no games, DVDs, or recreational internet browsing. I may check and answer emails, write in LJ, and have a limited amount of time each day for IRC and television (not that the latter was something I used much anyway), but the rest is off-limits. I'm doing this, of course, because all these things take far too much precedence in my life right now. I want to see how much I accomplish in my week without them.I'll update on it later in the week to tell how it's all going.As promised, I'll say something from the suggestions in my recent poll... the goth club and the Australia plans are tied, so since I feel more like talking about the former than going into the long story of the latter right now (I promise I'll tell about it later), I'll discuss the club.

I dressed all up the night we went, wanting to be as appropriate for the occasion as possible, and also because it's fun for a change. I wore my batty wings, my collar, my gloves, my Squee T-shirt, and some gothy makeup I thought I did a pretty good job on, actually.

I've had very little experience with things like that in the past, but I must say, it was really different and fun to see. It's a club called 'The Church', and is characterized by stained-glass window motifs, and churchyard-fence railings around the balconies and all that stuff. We got inside, and went up the winding staircase to the balcony area overlooking the dance floor, where there were tables and cushy black sofas, and a small bar. The atmosphere was dark, smokey and strobe-lit (which might be commonplace for these establishments, I don't really know), and the music was almost too loud, but bearable. I have sensitive ears, so... ;op The girl that invited me to come along led me down to the dance-floor level to see where everything was, and since it *was* dark and smokey, I didn't see the 2 1/2-foot ledge down onto the main floor until I'd already fallen off it. ;_; I didn't really get hurt, but it certainly got my attention and put my head in a spin.

Then we went back up to the balcony and found ourselves a sofa of our own, where we spent most of the evening drawing and watching the dancers and the peoples. I took a little walk over to the bar to grab something, and it's surprisingly funny to have to shout "HELLO, I'D LIKE AN ALIEN SECRETION PLEASE" over the music. =oP I swiped two cherrines and went back to enjoy my drink, and watch all the goings-on. There was a dance pole on either side of (and above) the dance floor, and I thought the characters dancing in those areas were the most entertaining, not to mention a bit exhibitionist. But, you know, I can't criticize someone for having more courage than I. I did eventually dace a bit on the main floor, seeing as how no one really knew any more about dancing than I did, and it was fun to be able to do that in a comfortable environment, especially since I hadn't before.

Oh, one more thing about the atmosphere, I found myself most interested in the projector screens on either side of the 'church window' on the main wall. On them, they showed repeated films of silhouettes performing light BDSM-related activities. Super-entertaining, who wants to watch a bunch of people dance anyway? ;oP So now you know. And knowing is half the battle. o/~ GEEEEE-AAAAAH JAAAAAAAAAH o/~

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